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Are you looking to pawn your diamond for quick cash? At Loan against diamond Sandton we are well known for providing our customers with longer periods of time to pay back their loans against their diamonds and pawn diamond Sandton, our low interest rates make us the most competitive business on the market providing flexible payment schemes to suit our customers’ needs.

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Loan against diamond Sandton are experts and the rest simply cannot compete!

Our main competitors are pawn shops that do not pay as high as we do but will provide you with short periods to pay back the money if you are looking to get back your diamonds from your dealer.

At Loan against diamond Sandton we have over 10 years in providing customers with easy cash solutions and diamond and gold trading. We have been recommended by  many folks because we are always willing to negotiate to suit our customers’ needs and ensure that the company is taken care off as well.

At Loan against diamond Sandton we have highly secured facilities that are guarded by both man and dog to ensure that your diamonds are kept safe from outside and unauthorized access.

If you are looking for a fast way to get cash for your diamonds be sure to have the following in place when visiting our offices or applying online:

  • Proof of Diamond Ownership
  • Certified or Original Personal Identification Documents
  • 3 -6 Months Bank Statements
  • Proof of Residential Address
  • Above 18 Years Old

Loan against diamond Sandton provides you with same day cash payments for your diamonds!

At Loan against diamond Sandton we  know that time is money and we don’t have the resource of time to play with and that is why you will experience a fast customer services when visiting our offices or talking to our friendly customer care staff members.

Loan against diamond Sandton our staff members are trained to assist you quickly and efficiently without wasting your time. They are glad to assist you with the following:

  • Diamond Pawn Requirements
  • Diamond Pawn Application
  • Diamond Pawn Estimation

Loan against diamond Sandton offers the highest paying diamond pawn services!

High Cash Pawn Diamond in Johannesburg | Diamond Exchange Sandton
High Cash Pawn Diamond in Johannesburg | Diamond Exchange Sandton

At pawn  diamond Sandton we cater to all types of customers. There are customers that require a large amount, some require even larger amounts and a lot of people generally require a medium sized amount compared to the actually value of their diamonds.

Same Time Loan against diamond Sandton
Same Time Loan against diamond Sandton

Boasting over 25 years in the industry our executive board members have helped provide some customers with cash up to R1 Million rand for diamonds with a value of R10 Million. The money transferred into your account while you wait.

We are always looking to improve our services and provide our customers with a flexible way to pawn their diamonds without losing them forever!

At Loan against diamond Sandton we have your best interest at heart and we always looking for ways to better your deals and ensure that you get your hands on the cash you need and get your hands on your diamonds after payments without any hassles, get in touch with us today!