Pawn Diamond Sandton

Get the cash you need and ensure that your diamonds are safe, Pawn Diamond Sandton has highly secured facilities and we always pay on the same day!

Same Day Pawn Diamond  Sandton
Same Day Pawn Diamond  Sandton

At Pawn Diamond Sandton we have access to over R1 Million in cash and have over R10 Million in access to provide for customers looking to pawn their diamonds at any time when visiting or applying to pawn your diamonds on any day!

Already know how much you need?

Looking to get cash for your diamonds fast?

At Pawn Diamond Sandton we have build a reputation for ourselves for providing customers with fast pawn diamond deals and with customers who know exactly how much they need, we can provide you with a free assessment to see if you can get that cash today!

We are always looking to help you in your time of need, pawn your diamonds today!

Instant Pawn Diamond Sandton
Instant Pawn Diamond Sandton

At Pawn Diamond Sandton we have exclusive deals for customers who meet our requirements easily. After you have been approved for certain amount you can also request a higher cash payout assessment for free!

All our customers are required to provide the following when looking to pawn their diamonds:

  • Diamonds On-site
  • Personal Identification Documents
  • Proof of Residential Address
  • 3 Month Latest Income Statement

At Pawn Diamond Sandton we will ensure that you get an offer, you won’t leave us empty handed. Get in touch with us today if you are looking for the fastest cash payments for your diamonds.